November 23, 2020: Black Friday Digital Buy One, Get One Announced. Visit the digital store for details

November 13, 2020: Black Friday Announcement coming soon


October 15, 2020: TommyLeeFlood.net merges with TommyLeeFlood.com


October 11, 2020: Tommy Speaks! New interview on the New Wave of Hair Metal! 

Find Interview Here!

September 17, 2020: Tommy makes good on calling out credits on TommyLeeFlood.net. The Credits page is now live.  "Terry has removed the credits from the pirated releases and stricken all of the contributions of those that made Banshee what Banshee was. I find this embarrassing and will do what I can to right this wrong by calling out all of those contributions on TommyLeeFlood.net. "

September 14, 2020: Web store stocked with Flood, Banshee and Lick shirts! Banshee "Shoot Down The Night" Signed DVD!

September 13, 2020: Tommy shares details of Banshee, Primal Order and Flood projects via SleezeRoxx Interview https://sleazeroxx.com/interviews/interview-with-former-banshee-frontman-tommy-lee-flood/

September 9, 2020: "Race Against Time", Take 'Em By Storm" &"Cry In The Night" added to the digital store. Get Ya Some!!

September 1, 2020: SleazeRoxx.com announces Flood Solo release

September 2020: Tommy Lee Flood delivers remastered FLOOD CD and makes digital downloads available for the first time ever. 

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