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Cry In the Night

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Race Against Time

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Tommy Lee Flood - Vocals
Terry Dunn - Guitar, Vocals
Kent Burnham - Drums
Bill Westfall - Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Produced and engineered by Jon "The Messiah" Mathias and Banshee
Recorded at the Record Plant, N.Y.C.
Assistant Engineer: Derek (The Deek) Venarchick
Mixed at Quad Studios, N.Y.C. Assitant Engineer: Vinny Wojno
Mastered by Joe Brescio at the Master Cutting Room, N.Y.C.
Banshee is Managed by Chris Ellis Managmeent and Promotion

Terry Dunn exclusively plays Gibson Guitars & Jackson Guitars, Gibson Strings and accessories
Kent Burnham exclusively plays Tama Drums, Zildjian Cymbals and Sticks, Remo Heads
Bill Westfall exclusively plays Charvel Bass, Gibson Strings and Accessories
Photography by Krasner/Trebitz, Album Artwork: Bob Schyler, Art Direction: Bob Defrin
** Jason Flom - Thanks for making this all possible**
Very Special Thanks: God, Chris Ellis, Cathy Ellis, Daniel Ellis, Josh Schaffer, Danny & Willa Ellis, Jason Flom, Jonathan Blank, Andy Secher, Paul O'Neill, Shelton Ivany, Mitch Herskowitz, Elisa Casas, Matt Cascio, Paul Duryee, Greg Tucker (Guitar Tech), Dole O'Neill (Bass Tech),
Christopher "Critter" Sims (Drum Tech), Jason Dunlap (Lighting), Rob Echols, Russ Kerley, Chris Sterbenz (Live Audio), Peggy Donnelly, Millissa Pszenny, Dot Roy, Silvio Bonvini, Tania McMasters, Col. James L. Flood, Jean Flood, Reva & Ra Dunn, Jane Hall, Buzz Burnham, Kim Sanderson, 
Karen Montgomery and family, Brandy Westfall, Tara Lynn Westfall, Beth Nussbaum, Gerri Miller, Frank, Krasner/Trebitz, Bob Schyler, Bill Herly, Joni Ryan, Donna & Roger Schultz, Scott & Lori Neals, Joe Hibbs, Perry Sandz, Joseph Planett thanks for all the help, Shirlee Faur,Bob Bledsoe, Ben, Eddie Kramer, Barbara (Treva Dahl) Wilmoth, Marshall Strong, Tank, Rudy, Billy Hunt, Charlies Outlaws, Judy (Hillhouse) Rees, all the people at Metal Blade Records, (Mike Farley, Brian Slagel, Jon Sutherland, WilliamHowell), the Video Guys (Scott & Tim), Don smith, Thans for everything at Worldwide Music (Commander Rok Mouse, Rick Ray, Pat Jones), Pro Tech Audio, Rick McConnell (INXS Lighting), Bill Cosman (SECT Lighting), Ed Jeffries (Alternate sound and video), Holmers Records, Sound Warehouse, 7th Heaven, Fat Jacks, The Milburn Hotel, N.Y.C., Steve Pisani and Shep(Alex Music, N.Y.C.), Ritchie Libutti (at 48th Street Guitars, N.Y.C.), Chris Andersen, John Hausbeck and Charles (at Vintage HI-FI, "Wake Up John"), Photos, Eric Root, Walt Savage, Vic Ander Anderson, Randy Firebaugh, The Dorsees, The Caleks, The Grasers, Dave and Karen Jensen, Donnie Culbertson, Brad Hayes, Reece (The Pulse) Pierce, Wayne Hale, Linda Brennon, Nutra Tan, Hal Cason, Dean Borkhart, Mike Alexander, Dan Smith, Mike sullivan, Michael and Fred in N.Y.C., Greg & Trudy Mesa, Tom and Thason Howard, Jeff Gardener, Tim Barb, Judy Terrell, Robert Kerns, Gary Douglas, Gena Wilson, Dale McCloud & Family, Randy Pettit, Tim Dolenes, Jon (Millow) Miller, Mark & Theresa Wilkerson, Greg Libby, Darrel Molly, Pat Sheehan, The Warsockis, Jesse Morton, Diane Geddes, the boys in "Blasted" (Steve, Mike, Jeff, Chris you crazy M.F.s), all the crazy N.Y.C. cab drivers (Drive Like Hell), all the naked people on channel J (You're so sick), Julie Nicholes, Mike Adler, John Coy, Jimmy McWilliams, Jeff Meinhardt, Bill Ellis, Mike Elwood, Foxy Foxy, Savatage, Badlands, Jean Barker, Jim Kilroy (Banzai), Susie Minkoff and family, Lisa (Get It On The Run) Curtwright, Z-92 (The Home of Rock), Fred Rocks, everyone on the crew, Vickey Riley, Harvey Pratt and family, Richard Bishop, Les Ewing, Doug Cambell, Beverley Berry, Cathy Delanz, Ric Stuhr, Craig (Spanky) Brooks, Fred Grossy, Jim Reno, Titanium Staff, Johnson County Print Graphics,  the Banshee girls (you know who you are!!!), Rode'O Rags, Recorded during the Yak and Llama Breeding season.  

Take 'Em By Storm

Tommy Lee Flood - Vocals
Terry Dunn - Guitar
Kent Burnham - Drums
Bill Westfall - Bass Guitar
All songs recorded at United Studios
Except The Spell and Desire, Recorded at United Studios.
Produced By Banshee and Dan Billings.
The Spell and Desire produced and Engineered by Eddie Kramer.
Mastered by Dan Billings and Mike Frazier at United Studios.
Cover Concept By Terry Dunn.
Cover Artwork by Victor.
Album Design and layout By Greg Tucker and Terry Dunn.
Band Photo by VYTAS. 

Banshee would like to give a very special thanks to our crew, the people who stuck by us and believed in us on the road and off. Jason Dunlap (Lighting), Greg Tucker (Guitar Tech), Charles Simms (Drum Tech), Doyle O'Neal (Bass Tech), Mark (The Pilot) Lovell, Joseph (The jack of all trades) Planett, Dave Jensen, Fred Grossi, Andy (Terry I just traded!) Phegley

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